MAAUN Maradi Niger’s Comprehensive Approach to Welcoming Freshmen Students of 2022/2023 academic session

Maryam Abacha American University of Niger (MAAUN), Maradi, has organized a One-day Freshmen (New Students) orientation Program for the 2022/2023 academic session as part of the school efforts to educate the new students with principles and guidelines for their educational pursuits in and outside the school.
The orientation program was designed to provide students with the requisite information, resources, and support that will enable them to succeed academically.

During the orientation, students were introduced to the faculty, staff, and other resources including services available in the campus.
The students also received information about various academic programs, course requirements, and assessment methods in the institution. In addition, they interacted with other students, faculty members (Lecturers), security among others.
The program, which was held on Saturday, 11th February, 2023, at the School Premises was colorfully decorated thus providing an enabling environment with natural ventilation and good sound system to enhance the program.

In his welcome address, the Vice President Administration and Registrar, Dr. Shua’bu U. Tanko, welcomed the students to the prestigious university, emphasising it’s high track records, affiliations and membership to various institutions and bodies across Europe, Asia, Africa and more. He gave insight about the school president and Founder Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo for his passion and commitment to transforming education in Africa in his youthful age.
Dr. Shuaibu, further charged the students to show civility, good ambassadorship and great sense of discipline during and after their studies. He added that, the students must be serious about their studies, and portray themselves as ambassadorship character not only to the school but for Niger, Nigerian, African and global communities by extension.

In his paper presentation, Prof. Abubakar Sadiq Haruna, the Director, Institute of Africa Higher Education Research and Innovation (IAHERI), discussed the MAAUN status as an Internationally recognized university that is functioning in the American system of education style.

Prof Abubakar stressed the need for the students to ensure understanding of the MAAUN Students handbook by comprehensive reading in order to acquaint themselves about the university principles, guides and expectations.
“It is through such commitment in addition to today orientation that we can all achieve the successful of the academic excellence, that would help the students being successful in their dream goals,” he stressed.

Also, while delivering a paper Dr Mahmud Mukhtar Saidu, explained further about the expected students conduct, the school’s examination policies and guidelines in addition to highlighting the University grading system. He encouraged the students to study very well with focus and warned them against examination malpractice and other unacceptable misconducts. He stressed that, MAAUN is not an examination malpractice tolerant institution.

Dr. Mahmud emphasized that MAAUN as a world class University renowned for it’s credible and innovative leader Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo has curved a niche for itself in creative teaching approaches, research and service for empowered students and humanity.

On his part, Mr. Rabiou Bissala, the DPO Ali Dan Sofo from Maradi Security team delivered a presentation on the importance of security consciousness and respecting law of the land. He called upon the students to stay away from trouble and understand the key offences that can be charged with in Maradi and anywhere. Mr. Rabiou extensively cautioned the students to be avoid disturbing neighbors with noise including music and urged them to stay away from fighting as well.

He warned that breaking Niger’s republic law will not confer any privilege on other National’s as the laws is applicable to everyone with same punishment as Nigerien citizens. The charges for offences range from N3,000 to above N100,000 and prison from 3 months to over 10 years, depending on the level and severity of offence committed.

In her presentation, Maimane Mohammed Garba from the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Nigeria, informed the students on the definition and dangers of abusing drugs. The presentation highlighted the causes, effects and importance of avoiding the habit. In collaboration with her team a practical effects of drug abuse were demonstrated to the students that serious effects of drugs on abusers’ health that could lead to untimely death.

Maradi Anti-Drug Commandant Dan Dige made his presentation on the very serious law against drug abuse in Niger. He reiterated that, Niger republic has an intolerant law against drugs and it is applicable to Niger republic citizens and guests. He further added that, if one is found with drugs, he could face charges of fine from N5000 to over one million naira or 3 months to 20 years imprisonment. Also, a convicted person might serve with both fine.

On health and hygiene, Dr Hadiza Yahaya called the attention of the students on the importance of taking good care of themselves including good eating habits, exercises, and proper environmental sanitation and personal hygiene. She cautioned the students of the need for them to be very serious with their studies and maintain good friends for their successful academic and future lives

The clinical team under the leadership of Babangida Isiyaku and Haruna Mukhtar Muhd, highlighted the operation of MAAUN Clinic and its services. Key highlight of the presentation include registration with clinic, reporting for any loss of Cards, reporting if one has any health condition. The newly admitted students were tasked to avoid self-medication. The team also encouraged the students to never delay in response to their sickness and quick report to the facility is very key to successful and timely provision of healthcare services.

Dr Salissou Mamoudou, the Secretary General MAAUN Niger Republic spoke on the as aspect of accommodation for the students. He urged the students to ensure getting a very good and healthy accommodation for their better health while his office is always available for information for the support towards accommodation issues. He reminded the students to ensure putting off all their electrical appliances off for safety and not to resume and get a huge accumulation of outstanding bills from power authority.

The video of the History of MAAUN and Founder Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo was shown to the students after a brief introduction by the University Faculty Member (lecturer) Dr Musa Abdullahi Sufi.

On the finance aspect, the school Vice President Finance Mr. Ayodele Bello explained to the fresh students that the finance compliance and proper documentation is key. He added that, once students complets their financial payments at all stages, they wouldn’t have problem and delay during graduation.

Some management staff of the University that graced the occasion include, examination officer Dr. Murtala Musa, Barrister Zahraddeen and various departmental and faculties members (lecturers) and heads of units. Others were, media, head of school securities among stakeholders others.

The Niger republic, Nigeria and MAAUN Anthems were sang by all the participants.
One key unique feature of MAAUN conglomerates orientation program is that it focus on students personal and professional development. The fresh Students are stimulated to consider their goals and aspirations, and to consider how the school education can help them achieve their goals and objectives.