MAAUN Niger ranked Best Private University in Niger Republic

Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) Niger-Maradi is ranked first private university in Niger Republic by AD Scientific Index 2024.

AD Scientific Index is the only university/institution ranking system that analyzes the distribution of scientists in an institution according to percentage 10, 20, 40, 60,80 percentiles and total scientists.

According to the Niger University Rankings 2024 report as released by the international ranking organization, MAAUN is the best private university in Niger.

“We based our ranking system on the number of meritorious scientists. Four criteria are used to rank the countries. The first one is the number of scientists in the top 3 percent list. The second criterion is the number of scientists in the top 10%, top 20%, top 40%, top 60% and top 80% list. The third one is the number of scientists listed in the AD Scientific Index.

“In the case of equalities after applying all these three criteria, the world rank of the meritorious scientist of that country is used,” the report said.

The international ranking organization “AD SCIENTIFIC INDEX” is the most comprehensive independent academic environment with a total of 1,610,021 scientists, 219 countries and 23,200 universities/institutions.

The “AD Scientific Index” University Ranking not only shows the areas in which a university is best or focused, but also reflects the results of the institutions’ scientist recruitment policies.

This feature reveals the ability of institutions to attract successful scientists and the ability of institutions to promote advances and retain scientists.